Approachable, Caring, Practical, Efficient.


Contracted with the
  Legal Aid Agency

Crayford Hitchman Solicitors

The Practice takes pride in its down to earth but efficient approach, thereby keeping clients’ costs to a minimum. We have been described as plain speaking with a “no nonsense” approach. We give realistic advice and provide clients with a sensitive and focused service in Divorce, Contact/Residence, Domestic Violence, Financial Settlements upon Divorce, Cohabitee Disputes and the most complex of children cases including Care Proceedings.

We are currently offering all new clients an initial fixed appointment for £100.00 inclusive of VAT during which they may consider the advice given and whether they wish to take the matter any further. All fixed fee appointments are followed up by a letter confirming what was discussed and the advice provided.

Hitchman & Co is also contracted to the Legal Aid Agency to deliver services to those clients who may meet the relevant means and merits assessed legal aid criteria.

Why Choose Us

We believe that clients involved in family problems require a different service to those dealing with less emotional issues. For this reason, we expect some clients to not only treat us as their legal advisers but as confidantes. We understand that all clients are different and some like to be as self-sufficient as possible, whilst others prefer to try and manage their matter at arms-length. Whatever the level of service required, we can provide it. Since 2020 some of our services have been delivered remotely online. However, we are more than happy to conduct services in a more traditional way using the postal service and personal attendances at our premises.

We offer a personalised service and understand that no two clients are the same.

We believe that our customer service is second to none and that we have the personnel that is required to deliver it. All our staff are dedicated and willing to go that extra mile. All key staff are named on this website for good reason; we are proud of what we do and how we do it.